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I am an English girl who is thinking to move to Lebanon very soon. I am concerned about finding work as I only speak English. I currently live in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and work in a hotel as customer service.
Can anyone give me information about life in Lebanon for English people and are there many jobs available?

I am greatful for any advice

Thank you

Hey Jen, I lived in Lebanon for 2 years. The vibe is great compared to other middle eastern countries. If your between 20 and 35, you should have a great time socializing. When it comes to working, i don't think Lebanon's economy is doing all that good, most people run their own businesses there. Let me know if i can be of further help :)

Hi thanks for that reply. As I am now living in Sharm el Sheikh, since the revolution it is hard to find work and I really want a new job. Hopefully I will be going to Lebanon in a month or so. I am 23 and from what I hear the life in Lebanon is very exciting. I am looking forward to goin their just worried about work. I am hoping my experience here could help me find a job in a hotel and maybe the French I learnt at school will come back to me :)


No worries if all you speak is English!

There are tons of places for you to find a job.

But first, why don't you come visit? I think it's usually a good idea to visit a place before moving there :p

Drop me a note if you are interested in visiting Lebanon.



I have tried searching the web for jobs in Beirut but not had much luck its good to know there is work available, maybe I will find more when I get there.

I will be moving to Lebanon with my boyfriend, he is Lebanese and all his family are there. We are hoping to move their and get married so I am doing my research first. Actually am very excited. Your country looks amazing.

Thanks for your help

check jobs online
u can also apply for jobs when u come at the hotels

Hi Jen there is planty of Jobs in Lebanon but you have to be there to go personaly and they have to see you aplying online is just wasting of time. There is lot of hotels that needs Europeans I would recomend you the Kampinski Hotel they are just finishing it and the reopening is in 2012 and I know they are looking for stuff! Good luck to ya

Hiiii i can help you if you want

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