PR Visa - expires if out of BR for +2years?

Hi, I gained PR in Oct 2015 based on my marriage to a Brazilian national.  I left BR in Aug 2016 to work in another Sth America country but have been back to Brazil many times during this period.  I have read that if a PR holder leaves the country for more than two years in a row, the visa will expire, the Brazilian Alien Resident Card will automatically be revoked and the person will have to re-apply for a new permanent visa.  Can anyone confirm for me if there is a length of stay requirement during that 2 year period?  I am not planning to live and work in Brazil for several
more years, although my PR expiry date is Jan 2024. So essentially, I want to know if just coming back for a short visit each year will retain the validity of my PR. 


As long as you enter Brazil within a 2 year period you are good. There is no time period that you have to stay.


Fantastic thanks for the quick reply

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