Moving to Leuven as a postdoc

Hi, I am planning to move to Leuven for an industrial postdoc with my small family ( wife and an infant). I am offered a salary 2600 (net, 12 month) + health insurance. Is this considered a good salary for such a family? How costly is living there?
Any details on kindergarten and general life expenses will be appreciated.  :cool:

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Leuven is a great city to live in... One important thing to know is that most of the population is student-based. It is very lively during school time, and then very quiet during summer holidays.

Finding housing may be difficult, depending on the period you will be browsing. Due to the high demand (mostly from students), apartment listings go by very quickly.

Regarding the salary package you are offered, since it is through the University, the barem of salary is well defined and the same for everybody. So you will not have margins to negociate there. I do believe you would have a decide living situation though, working as a Postdoc.

For kindergarden and primary school, other people will probably be able to answer better. However the one thing I know about is this new International school in Leuven, it is called ISL ( Perhaps that would be a good starting point to look at.

I hope those few answers may be helpful. Good luck in making your decision and move!

Thanks  :)

Nothing to add to what has already been said. Generally speaking, that salary net is enough and considered good in a town like Leuven.

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I wonder if this response arrives too late, but regarding the cost of living, on average Leuven could be 25% more expensive than Kostanze.
Check this website, that is useful for any other comparison:

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