About living in Leuvan

Dear ,
I'll move with my wife my kids  to Leuvan next year  to start studying in Catholic University
I want to know what is the main language used there ?
How much does living cost  monthly me + wife + 2 kids (6-2yrs.))?

I wonder if you guide me to any data showing me the culture of Leuvan or Belgium .
Thank you & regards

Dutch is the language of Leuven and Flanders.

How much you pay to live is up to you, what size housing you want, what quality of housing you want, how much you want to spend on food, what you consider is essential and what you consider is luxury.

I live frugally. If I had 2 children and a partner, I could get by on a 2 bed apartment, food, utilities and luxuries for about 2k per month, 800 euro for housing.

Thank you

To give a little more information, you could possibly get a 2 bed apartment in Leuven for 700 per month, allow 300 for all household bills (gas, electricity, internet, insurance, water). So perhaps a minimum of 1000 euro per month for your total housing costs.

You could limit your food consumption to 400 euro per month for the 4 of you, this you could reduce further if you are vegetarian!

Transport costs, 2 de Lijn public transport bus passes for adults and 2 passes for children (if over 6) is 83 euro a month, if you live near to university and walk everywhere, then it's nothing, under 6s are free.

Children's activities are very cheap. For example, I pay 300 euro per year for a child to swim unlimited hours with a swim club. Music classes are less than 100 euro for the year at the local music academy.

Immoweb is the best source of housing and housing prices, when looking from abroad. … ;minroom=2

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