5 years risdnt visa

Hi dear  member here    I will like to know about the long  resent  visa  holder    can  working in UK or not   I I'm  iraqi   and  my wife  is romanian    I living romania   abut  2 yers ,      and i got 5 years   risdnt  visa    I can   work g in UK           if    ,yes, or,  not   what I need too do         I means  what   i can  to do  by the egle lower    to working  in UK   .... thanks

For now, yes you may work in England.  However you should post in the England forum to get more specific answers, since that is the destination.  This question is not about Romania.

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Thanks Mr romanic

Hi Kamaran and welcome to the Forum.

Not sure what your question is, but the UK Government website that deals with this can be found at this link.

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