Morocco to UK spouse visa process


I was wondering if there is anyone here that knows the current process of obtaining a spouse visa, documents needed etc.

I have been happily married to a Moroccan woman for over a year now humdulillah and we decided that is is time we applied for it.

I would like to know the following:

What documents are needed?
Financial proof required (i am currently employed earning over £18,600 per year)
Any other proofs and documents needed.

It is a matter of urgency as i am looking to apply in January.

Thank you in advance.

P.S, if someone has a step-by-step process of what they did when they applied, that would help too. If any of you have questions, please feel free to ask me.


Your wife will need to take an English exam in speaking and listening, at a very low level. I think this is in Rabat or Casablanca and has to be one accepted by the home office. A1 is the pass required. There may be other test centres now but you will get directed on everything through

It's the 5 year spouse visa to apply for which has to be reapplied for after 2.5 years ( paying both times)

You can fill out the application on line and pay for it and then book your wife an appointment to submit it in person at the British embassy in Rabat.

I can't remember all the documents but it's something like your pay slips (3 or 6 months) , your lease contract for house or documents for your house, marriage certificate, printed copies of emails between you and your wife, DVD of wedding and any other evidence you can provide to prove your marriage is real. I know of people who got rejected for not giving enough evidence to prove the marriage is real so a DVD of wedding is ideal.

On the website it directs you in detail what you need to do, it directs you to which country you are applying from and gives you a login so you can complete it as you go . Also directs you to approved English test centres. An NHS surcharge was introduced since we applied which is £500 and I had to pay this on the 2.5 years renewal so I guess you will have to pay this and enter the reference number on your visa application. Once the 5 years is over you have to pay just over £2k for indefinite leave to remain (knowledge of life in the uk and an English qualification at B1)

I know a few people who pay solicitors to apply for them but I think it's a waste of money if you can fill out a form and as it's important you are going to make sure it's right

On all the applications for visas they detail everything you need to send them and have accompanying documents to explain so just have a good read and I'm sure you will be fine

If you got married in Morrocco then the process for the visa is very straightforward in comparison

Any questions just ask and will try to answer

Thank you for this , i appreciate it.

Dealing with the forms and figuring out whats needed has become a complication for me, after doing a lot of research i found in actuality it would be better to just hire an immigration lawyer to ensure the visa is accepted because if it is rejected then we would have to wait many month to a year more to reapply or appeal the decision.

plus you are right in relation to rejection on grounds of evidence supplied as i know a few others who also got rejected (its why i didn't ask them for advice haha) and i know of one guy who got his wife's visa accepted in 9 days last month simply because he hired a lawyer.

I think that's the best way forward for me.

hi everyone
assalamu alaykum
i was wondering if anyone can help me with my visa application but first i am gonna try to give you an idea about my situation
i am a moroccan woman living in casablanca and my fiance is british and he is originally from pakistan we met 10 months ago, we talk every single day we have pictures of our families together and photos of us too
now we want to get married next month so we can apply for the visa and have our wedding in december
so i have a few questions if anyone have the answer for them i would appreciate it

1/ what are the documents we need to get married and what is the procedure
2/ how can i get a spouse  visa and how long it takes to get one

i am here to answer any question

My son married agadir last yers. He bring his wife in three month.
What you need your uk husbands  need job. Over £19000. For  Years. Salary.   He must prove
His salary to uk HMRC. And he need his paysleep. And he own house or he rent house. Also he need to have locall authorities  approve housing is standard in UK. Visa no problem. All that must have have 100%
If you need call me ***

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thank you for you reply
but i was reading that it is much complicated than that

wij :

thank you for you reply
but i was reading that it is much complicated than that

Wa alaykum salaam

Yes getting married in Morrocco to a foreigner is a complicated process. I would go to the family court and ask for the list of documents you will both need. You will need medical checkups in Morrocco with a letter saying fit to marry, police check and approval, uk criminal record check, notice of no impediment, letter of mans employment, pay slips , bank statements.

When you get married make sure it get filmed, I mean the whole party, because you will need to send the DVD as part of the visa application. Also keep records of Skype logs, emails, money transfers, international calls and anything else that proves the relationship is real as it helps a lot

What is complicated. Yes it is hard. To get visa. In morocco  police making so hard for this married. You need locall government permission. Which  hard to please locall police. Then you need apply rabbat court to approve  married. Then you can applying  for visa to british embassy. You also need esol to pass.
Your husband  must to send all documents 
100 % right. Then insahallah  visa no issue for you. If you provide  all documents. Then no problem. Hard part in morocco governments is hard. To approve. Be cearfull with brother pakistani boy. Or Bangladeshi. Boy. Not all some of them are very bad. Good luck

thank you for your replies i really appreciate it

Hiya ☺
I just would like to ask u if it is possible.
My husband going to apply for my visa next month i just want to make sure if the visa requirement are stumped in the foriegne affairs mine and his also☺
I'll really appreciate if u reply back
Thank u in advance

Assalamo alaykom
Does the visa requirement stump by theforiegne affairs?


When you say
"If you got married in Morrocco then the process for the visa is very straightforward in comparison "
Can you please elaborate...?:D

I am an English woman marrying my Moroccan fiancé in Morocco and we are kinda stuck with the visa process right now.. any advice you can give would be much appreciated!!:D

Thank you in advance !


Question.. who is the magic lawyer that granted the magical visa in just 9 days??
Please share the magic :D
What is the lawyer office name?:)

So you've been married for a year, and living in Morocco. Why, with a salary of over £18,500 (which many people outside of London do not make), would you want to move back to the UK? The cost of living and standard of primary and secondary education is a lot better there

If you get any ifo on the process please let me know. I'm in the same situation.

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