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I jus wanna get an idea that how to get job in Malaysia, I have been working in dubai since 9 years in auditing background (Internal Auditor) with different multinational organizations.

For more information I’ll attach my resume,

Waqas Khan

Jobstreet is the main online portal. Robert Walters sometimes puts forward non-Malaysian candidates. Not speaking/reading any of the local languages may be a barrier. … in-penang/ … D=Malaysia … sionid=872

Malaysia is not like the middle east where large numbers of foreigners are employed. Only if the skills are not available in the local workforce will immigration grant a work permit. Larger companies have the structure to hire foreigners based on quotas. Finance and banking are popular careers here.

Singapore may be an easier option.

Thank you so much for your great idea & suggestions

Happy new year !!

Waqas Khan


Is it possible that Can you please let me know about any recruitment agencies so I’ll contact to them directly and can discuss about my job.

I think that it would be more effective if I’ll approach to them directly.


As mentioned above - Robert Walters - plus also Spring Asia Professional are a recruitment company.

There is also Michael Page - … l-services

In fact, for any job you see on Jobstreet (or efinancialcareers), a recruitment agency often has placed the advert there (Jobstreet is just a portal).

In the case of Robert Walters full contact details of the recruiter are provided in each of their adverts. So you could contact the recruiter mentioned direct rather than applying for the job.

If you are specifally looking for work in Penang, it is probably the most difficult Malaysian State in which to find a job because of the high educational and skill level locally plus the outsourcing model where small firms (which can't recruit foreigners) provide services.

The recruitment processes here are very much related to close matching of existing experience to the exact requirements of a job. So take time to point out this connection clearly in applications and don't expect the recruiter to see the match or your potential. and … lines.aspx


Is it ok if I’ll come to Malaysia by visit visa & apply for a job?

Can get the any opportunity by this way ?

No it is a waste of time and money. Best to start applying for jobs online and perhaps contact a couple of recruiters.

Hi,  I’m applying online since 2 months but still I didn’t get even single response from recruiters, Is Malay market is too cold or it’s a year start that’s why there is no opening?

Also I can’t able to login with  Robert Walters & Spring, I tried many times but I couldn’t,

As I said - if a Malaysian can do the job then foreigners will not be considered.

If a person is not shortlisted no contact is made.

So should I stop dreaming about doing job in Malaysia? 😕😤

Perhaps Singapore may be a better option?

Ok ! Tnx ,

Lastly Gonna quit this forum hopelessly 😤😒
I think it was my wrong decision that I ll find a job in Malaysian and settle there 😕

A reasonable decision (Penang is great - I actually live there). But your profession is difficult to find work. New jobs get posted all the time, so you could wait and continue to see what comes up say on The job market picks up in February to April usually. But it's election year so everyone is holding back. But your unique experience is what will be the best way to apply successfully.

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