whether i can travel to bahrain??/

dear sir/ madam
I left Bahrain last year and i doesn’t turned back now i want to return and my CPR status showing no record CPR nbr is 870124463

is there any problem for me to return Bahrain kindly tel me
i wan to know whether my previous employer block my passport and cpr

thank you

You will need a visa

Hello, if there is a travel ban you can check it here
https://services.bahrain.bh/wps/portal/ … IS9nQSEh/#
but we have heard that even though your name may not come up in the list, there could still be changes there is a travel ban, the only way to find that would be and as Lindochka mentioned is to apply for a visa, if it goes through well and good but if it gets rejected your potential employer could know the reason why.

Good luck.

yah ok sir thank you

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