I am from India and I have been selected as the ESL teacher in one of the bilingual schools in Hungary - Avastetoi Primary School (English name).
I'll be moving there, probably, by the mid of january 2018.

Kindly guide me with your assistance about the school and moving and settling there in Hungary.

Thank You

A few questions: Do you get a valid work visa from the school? If so, that is most of the hard work done.

I can not supply specific help, but some general suggestions:

You can ask the school if they can assist with housing advise. Even ask to provide some contact info for other teachers there who may be able to help you find appropriate housing.

Language barriers might exist dealing with local authorities, getting all the local immigration and housing paperwork done, etc. If so, maybe ask at the school if they have any suggestions or people you can contact/hire locally to help you walk through the local bureaucratic issues.


Thank You so much for your revert and suggestions. They are helpful.

Well, they are assisting us in VISA facilities , all in all, they are providing us accommodation facility as well.
But, is work permit arranged by the school authorities in advance or after we move there?

I’ll request the school authorities to provide me contact details of some teachers.

Thank You so much.

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