Moved to Adana

Hi I just moved to Adana and would love to meet people here that speak English

Hi Halawantyfirst,

Welcome to :)

As you are a new member, it would be nice if you can introduce yourself to the community.


Priscilla team

My name is hala I came from California to live and work in Adana with my husband we like it here but want to meet people that speak our language

Hey Hala,

We will move to Adana Turkey as well soon and was wondering how it's going so far with you and your husband.

It is so beautiful here in turkey and we just moved to Mersin for a better job opportunity

That's awesome! Me my and 2 kids are coming next year to look for rental houses in adana. How is everything over there. Any difficulties you're facing?

Where will you be coming from

North carolina

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