Do I have to pay income tax?

Guys, I am stuck with a typical problem. I recently moved to KL with a 2year contract for an organisation. But due to business requirement I have to move to a neighbouring country before Feb 2018. I started with this organization on Nov 1st 2017 and the company deducted the applicable tax while paying my salary. As of my knowledge if I am working in Malaysia and leaving before  90days, I need not have to pay tax, I might be wrong, so need to know:

1. If I am going back before 90days will I get back the tax deducted by my employer and what is the process around it

2. If I have to pay tax, will I have to file my tax returns before I leave or is there any other process around it.

Looks like 60 days is the length of time to be not liable for tax, not 90. There is a contact number which might be useful … c2ffc94b55

Your company is the best to advise on this. I think you will have to do 2 things. 1) a tax return for 2017 plus 2) Leavers Certificate completed by employer for 2018 - as they are different tax years.

Thanks a lot Gravitas fro your input

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