Citizenship through naturization

Hello Everyone,
I’m back again with questions.I moved to Brazil 2016 and hold my RNE after marrying my Brazilian wife. We recently had a baby (he’ 5months now) and in March it’s gonna be 1yr since.i do understand when you marry a citizen,after 1yr one qualifies for citizenship.
So I was at the Policia Federal and was told I can come back in April and apply
My questions are
A) does anybody knows what documents I need to prepare?

B) how long does it take to be granted the citizenship?

C) how soon will it take to get a passport?
D) given that I’m married and have a baby here all of which qualify me for the 1yr factor, which do I use for quicker outcomes?


You can go to look under immigration to get the answers to what documents.
As far as how long to get citizenship I think it could vary
You can apply for the passport after you get citizenship
I would think the date of your RNE will be quickest.


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