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I have a job offer with a XXXXX Consulting Pte. Ltd.. they hired me for a project with NCS. It's a year long contract with offered salart 6000 SGD. I am Electronics and Communication BTech graduate from a recognised Indian university with a work experience of 7 years. Presently I am working with one of the Big 4 organisation in India. My date of joining is 12th December. also, I have another job offer based out in india with date of joining as 13th December.

What are my chances of EP approval? I could have waited but considering I have to take a decision to join one of the firms, I am asking the question to experts here. if my EP pass approval chances before 10th December looks possible, only then will I accept the Singapore offer and ask the employer to file for EP.

Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.


It is not possible to tell, from the limited information you gave, what your approval chances are.
Furthermore, you did not specify whether you want to know your chances overall, or for approval before 12.Dec.
Overall, you have good chances if you fulfill the formal requirements (education, experience, salary), your skills are valuable for Singapore and not sufficiently available among locals, the employer is allowed to hire foreigners and has unsuccessfully posted the job on the (locals only) job bank fo two weeks.
How long it will take depends on when your employer applied (currently 1-3 months are needed) and the complexity of your case (e.g. whether background checks with agencies in your country are deemed necessary).

As Beppi said if MoM requires additional information then they will liaise with a vetting agency who will verify your records, may cause delay in response. Overall it can take from one week to 4 months. Good luck.

My EP status changed to "Approved" today.   :proud  :)


Thank you. :) Could you guide on any non-obvious things to bring there ?

What r the things in your mind to bring here?

Bring an open mind, a non-judgemental attitude and enough money (Singapore is not cheap). Everything else is available here.

When was your EP applied?  Did you ever check the status at the non login page, what date of application did it mention there?


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