English schools in Donostia-San Sebastian

Hi everyone!

We're seriously considering moving to Donostia-San Sebastian from NYC in the summer of 2018. We are a bilingual family (we lived in Madrid for several years before moving to NYC), however, my 7yo son has lost a lot of Spanish and we'd feel more comfortable sending him to an English language school at least for the first couple of years.

We've been to Donostia-San Sebastian several times and we know my son will probably have to learn Euskara.

To complicate matters, we'd like to enroll him in a non-religious school. I have heard about St. Patrick's but I couldn't find any religious teaching on their website. I've just messaged them but does anybody have any experience with that school? What about the English School?

Thanks in advance!


We have just arrived in San Sebastian with our 9 year old son and have looked at enrolling him in school in September (we are currently homeschooling)  We have checked with both the English School and St Patricks who have said they have no openings for September.  St Patricks told us it would probably be longer than 2 years to wait for a place.  There is very little information on schools here so we are simply going to have to go around to schools and ask.  Happy to keep you posted on our progress if your still interested.


Hello! We are considering a year abroad in San Sebastian. We have two daughters 8 and 5.  We are hoping to find a school that will teach our girls Spanish (they have had three years of Spanish in school), but of course, the challenge is that most schools are teaching in Basque. Just curious...what schools did you end up attending and what was the process like to enroll them?


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