Swedish CV

High all,

I am planning to move to Stockholm next year (March/April).

I need tips to write a Swedish CV, looking online doesn't give much infos, most sites copy/paste from each others, which does not indicate the accurate way.

Advice needed:
-CV in english or Swedish (i will start learning Swedish in January)
-Photo? conflicting answers from the world wide web
-Personal interests? always found it useless to put it and I dont imagine the Swedes caring about it
-the date format?
-which order: experience, education or the opposite, education then experience

any other tips is of course welcome :)


Hi AymanAz,

my piece of advice:
- Only do what you're good at: write in English. If you don't speak Swedish, don't pretend they will know ;-) - note that it could be a big problem in your job hunt if you don't speak Swedish. Start as soon as possible.
- I'm not sure, I didn't put my photo on my CV and I got several job offers so I can say from my personal experience that it is not an issue.
- I wouldn't talk too much about personal interests unless they are linked to one of your key skills that you are about to explain further in a cover letter ( --> I played hockey for many years and that helped me be comfortable in a team, care about other teammates, etc.)
- yyyy/mm/dd, a good example is the personnummer, they also use dd month yyyy.
- I'd say the order depends on your previous experience, your education and your future employer. If you have some random education from Carcassonne, they won't probably care. if you have a degree in engineering from Stanford, well… I'll put that first.

Good luck

Thanks Jeaanluc,

very useful to have all those tips.

Im taking 1 2 1 Swedish course in January, and also subscribed to learningswedish.se, free website to learn basic Swedish.


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