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I am currently living in UAE. A couple of days ago I met an agent and he offered me Georgian Citizenship (Passport) in 4-5 months and asked for Dhs 35K for the whole procedure.

I would like to know if someone can guide me or provide me detailed information in this matter.

The agent's procedure is that I have to travel to Georgia on a visit visa and over there and have to do a contract marriage after a period of 4-5 months I will be eligible for Georgian Citizenship (Passport).

Apparently, I couldn't find any information on "getting a citizenship through marriage" online, therefore I would to know from anyone who has information in this matter.

Waiting for an early reply/suggestion from the community.

Thank you

Assalamualaikum wr wb
Dear Faisal,
I am from Georgia and want to ask you if you still need help?

Walikum Salam.

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, I am still interested. Can you guide and help out in this matter, thnx.

My email is ***

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Assalamualaikum wr wb
Dear Faisal,
I am from Georgia and want to ask you if you still need help?

Walikum Salam

Yes, please. I would like to have information about the same.

Thank you

Faisal Nadeem

Dont believe this he just wants money. U would just loose ur money

Deyazoye, we believe you are extremely stupid because nobody pay for our services except in our office and accept after a person received their official residence card.

Our advice is not to enter problems which you can't understand.


Whoever is reading this comment, dont trust this, check google and see how many foreigner have problems with residency or visa. Its about money. Even marriage to a georgian will not guarantee u citizenship. Except u are American or f rich.

3000 Foreigners Receive Georgian Citizenship in 2017

In 2017, President Giorgi Margvelashvili granted citizenship of Georgia to 3000 foreign citizens.

The information was released in a report by the Citizenship Issues Commission under the Public Service Development Agency. According to the report, in the period of January-October 2017, the Commission discussed 5,321 applications for citizenship and approved 3,097, which were then sent to the president for approval.

The President approved 3000 applications and rejected 97. According to the report, of the rejected applicants, 70 persons were born in Georgia and 27 were former citizens of Georgia or family members of a Georgian citizen.

Of the 3,097 applicants approved by the commission, 2,550 persons were either born in Georgia (1,945 persons) or were a former citizen of Georgia (1,072 persons), or their family member was a Georgian citizen. Moreover, 277 persons were citizens of EU countries, 219 from American states, 221 - Asian states, 5 persons from African countries, 1 person - Arab states and 11 persons were citizens of other states.

The report also underlines that in 2017, the President of Georgia granted citizenship of Georgia to eight persons without the procedures envisaged by the commission and the law. Three of these people were Russian, three were German, and two were citizens of different countries.

Moreover, the report reads that the President granted Georgian citizenship to 79 Fereidan Georgians.

A citizen of Georgia cannot at the same time be the citizen of another state, except for in exceptional cases specified in the Constitution of Georgia. Georgian citizenship may be acquired at birth or can be granted through an ordinary procedure, a simplified procedure, as an exception or through restoration of citizenship.

To be granted Georgian citizenship through the standard procedure, a foreign citizen can apply to the relevant authorized body.

Georgian citizenship is granted with a simplified procedure to a person married to a Georgian citizen who has been legally and uninterruptedly residing in Georgia for two years prior to the submission of the application. Additionally, a person is required to know the state language, Georgian history, and the basics of the Georgian legislation.

The exceptional procedure of granting Georgian citizenship may be applied to a foreign citizen who has made an outstanding contribution to Georgia or to those cases when granting Georgian citizenship to a person is in the national interests of the country.

Georgian citizenship may be restored to a person whose Georgian citizenship has been terminated unlawfully, due to renunciation of the Georgian citizenship or after the decision of this person’s parents. In order to have the Georgian citizenship restored, a person should know something of the Georgian language.

In case of a negative decision, a person can reapply to an authorized state body with the same request after six months.

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