Getting Georgian Citizenship


I am currently living in UAE. A couple of days ago I met an agent and he offered me Georgian Citizenship (Passport) in 4-5 months and asked for Dhs 35K for the whole procedure.

I would like to know if someone can guide me or provide me detailed information in this matter.

The agent's procedure is that I have to travel to Georgia on a visit visa and over there and have to do a contract marriage after a period of 4-5 months I will be eligible for Georgian Citizenship (Passport).

Apparently, I couldn't find any information on "getting a citizenship through marriage" online, therefore I would to know from anyone who has information in this matter.

Waiting for an early reply/suggestion from the community.

Thank you

Assalamualaikum wr wb
Dear Faisal,
I am from Georgia and want to ask you if you still need help?

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