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Hi, I am Management Consultant in Malaysia and will be visiting Tbilisi in July 2014 (next month) for exploring business opportunities. I wish to start the same business (business management consultancy services). I certainly shall require a reasonable (in perfect words.."cheap") office to take start. Could you guide me how much minimum budget I need to allocate, only for "Cheap Office" (cheap in terms of rent)? How much I may expect to pay advance payment to get the possession of office? Foreigner is allowed to get Office premise on rent? How easy or difficult is this (to get office for company registration and to start business)?
TQ (Thank you..a famous way of writing "Thank you" in Malaysia)

Hello mal, yes foreigners are allow to have a legal business runing in Georgia, offices are also allow , cost of office will depend on the location where u wanna ur office ..registration of busiis easy ..requirment , ur passport Georgia visa page and a guarantor, a guarantor is someone who owes a property in Georgia and mut be a Georgia citizen ,and also a witness  ..there are people around who can help u do all this but you will need to pay some little money to them ...if u have all this den is easy to hav a company in Georgia...

Don't get mistaken, it is not like it was before, people cant get staying visas there any more, government has changed and so everything, be aware

you cant get staying visa when you dont have anything doing in Georgia... having a good company in Georgia is one of the easiest way to get a stay ...they review your documents to see if your company is benefiting the country, is all about how you put it together... if only you have a good reason to operate or investing in a country why wont they give you a stay ... i have been in this stage ...that is why i adviced before operating in Georgia you need to investigate , what u are about to do, how it works , the outcome  and everything if it's ok then u can press on..

I am Georgian and I know what i am saying, it will get much strikter in near future! I am reading this almost every day in papers, many indian, egyptian, etc people who did business there left already, do you think for nothing? if they permit then you better come with a BIG sum money, really BIG and still you have to have special kind of biz

Thanks indeed for ur reply. I agree, without proper business who would stay there..Let's see..I m coming from Malaysia in next August 2014.
Hope to hv good experience while dealing with Georgians & Georgian authorities..


If you like to do consulting business in Georgia, before your arrival it's better to check some Georgian procurement's ( tenders),  after you can arrange some meetings with governments officials to discuss if you can with your experience to do it (generally you need some experience as well as good references to do some job). all procurement's are here … ang_id=ENG

if you need any help, write here.

best regards.

Thanks for the link...which is really helpful. I would be staying in Georgia for only 2 weeks. In weeks, I would be incorporating our Malaysian Company's branch office in Georgia as well as arranging an office and would be hiring at least 2 local Georgian employees.


Great, and i wish success.


My name is Wayne im from South Africa and will be moving to Georgia within the next few months. I am REALLY excited about the move !! We will be starting a Print - Design & Marketing company in Tbilisi.


Dear Leeloud,

I was wondering if you have already moved to Georgia ? I am an Indian citizen and also am contemplating moving to Tbilisi. I was wondering if you were hiring( if you already had moved and started the business).


Goeie dag,

Ek en my man bly in Bloemhof en wil bitter graag Georgia toe immigreer.

Kan jy moontlik vir my 'n aanduiding gee van die koste en admin daaraan verbonde, en enige iets wat belangrik is om te weet voor mens die proses begin.

Baie dankie,

Ansie Gilau

jamgilau > In English, please ?


Sorry... :shy

Me, my husband and 5year old daughter would love to immigrate to Georgia.

We would like to know more about the process and costs involved.

Both of us are entrepreneurs, and are currently involved alternative energy (marketing and installations).

I am also a part time tax accountant.

The entrepreneural opportunities in SA are very limited...the reason for our planned relocation.

Any info/ tips in regards to immigrating to Georgia will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hope your business is going well!

Just a question:why did you choose to move to Georgia (Tbilisi)in the first place?just wondering..i am Georgia and i moved to Egypt as i love weather here,and country itself !Egypt has been my dream since childhood, the mysterious history<Pyramids,kings and quins,Pharaohs was my passion!But i am Georgian and i love my country  :heart:

would like to know your experience in Tblisi. How's Business prospects there..

Hi Ansie,

Did you move to Tibilisi,

Hows the country?

Please share your experience.


Hello, did you move to Tbilisi and how is your business going on

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I am from India and experience in hospitality industry. What will be the legal requirement to start a restaurant in Georgia and any advice on the restaurant business market in tbilisi.

Thanks in advance for valuable advice.

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