Fake Payslip

hi guys..i work here in Jeddah , I got an offer from a company in Riyadh. So while i was interviewed they asked my current salary , obviously i said more than what i am getting paid. Thanks to the God i got selected. Now they are asking my previous 3 months payslips.  I had to make 3 fake payslips.
                           So my question is this guys - Will it be a problem in future? like if the payslip has something to do with the government??

Yes, they can check it with the bank and screw you!

now you have to speah 100 more lies

doomed then?

darkpassenger :

doomed then?

Certainly!  :lol:

Just joking. It is a common but strange practice I have only seen in Saudi. The most they can do is write an email to your HR. I don't think they'd do that either because HR won't reveal such sensitive information.

But this counts as forgery, which a law abiding citizen should not commit.

^^ this gives me some relief!!  :|

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