Dating in Korea

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on moving out to Korea in the next year and wanted to know if anyone knows what the dating culture is like. I'm planning on moving for an extended /indefinite period of time and want to see if I can meet a special person. However, I'm in my mid thirties now and am no longer a spring chicken! Does anyone have any idea how difficult it is to date in Korea at this age? I imagine, as a fairly conservative country, I may be deemed as too old.

Any opinions or previous experience would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Hi Johnathan,

I've been to Korea 3 times in the last 15 months now as I've completely fallen in love with the place and its people.  It all started out with my addction to watching Korean dramas for the past 9 years ..Now I wouldn't say this makes me an expert or anything, but if I may, allow me to just share my opinions on what I felt during my 3 visits there and from what I've seen from dramas..

Firstly, Korean people are very welcoming and very friendly. However, in terms of dating, they are quite reserved though. As in they take their time and they are not as forward as the Western culture. Also in terms of "skinship", they are very hesitant and very respectful of each other's boundaries... And yes, as you said "they are a fairly conservative country". So might I suggest, adapting to their dating culture than bringing in the western dating culture.. As they are not used to it at all..

Secondly, from what I have seen and as you will too... There are a lot of foreigners dating Korean people... As in they are very open minded.. So in that sense, you don't have to worry about them not accepting you.. You will most likely have to show a keen interest in their culture and learn a lot by asking a lot of questions.. And by doing so, it allows them to feel your interest in their culture, thus giving them an opportunity to see you as their "someone special".

Thirdly, be very prepared to permanently live in Korea upon finding your special someone. This is because a lot of Koreans tend to want to settle down near their families, it is their culture.. Of course, once again ..there are the exceptions..

Alright, i think I've ranted a bit too long about my thoughts.. Hope it gave you abit of insight though..   :cheers:

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