Workplace Emotional/Pyschological Violence

Hey guys and to all the beautiful Filipinos out there! Im Mark. I would like to apologize for taking your very precious time and I'd like to ask permission to post what I have in mind and everyone's advice as well.

How do you complaint your superior nurse? The service manager in particular. I have a sister working in Riyadh. She has been a dedicated NURSING ASSISTANT for 2 years now but she is experiencing to what I believe a "MALTREATMENT" in there area ever since from her service manager. 

I think my sister is suffering from workplace (emotional) bullying and powertripping by her service manager. She is being reprimanded infront of her colleagues along with other very rude behavior. My sister noticed this and even most of her colleagues too. So, she (my sister) asked if she could perhaps be transferred to another unit. Her service manager did not agree, instead she told my sister to "exit" or resign and even threatened my sister to be transferred to a remote and solitary area. Wtf?!! Can she do that?!!!

My sister is really worried although she denies it. Isnt she protected by the HRD about this?

Help me guys!

Thank you!

Thats what I told her. I think my sister is hesitant because of possible retaliation. Thanku!

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