Insurance Coverage in Beijing, China

Can someone please advise best options for medical insurance in China, best company, best coverage and of course best prices.

Awaiting your replies.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Our school uses Cigna Global (International) and the coverage is amazing. But it's an institutional health coverage program. If you are looking for an individual plan, I cannot speak to Cigna for that.

Sorry for my late reply, I have no pre-existing conditions.  You need to advise me which hospitals I can use coverage for.

Looking for out-patient and in-patient coverage.


I would seriously reconsider if you actually NEED medical insurance. Prices are cheap here. Therefore, the need to see if you need insurance will depend on your age, occupation and salary.  Consider...

A dog bite with 9 hospital visits ran me $30.

Viagra (Chinese brand) is $0.05 / pill and you don't need a doctor prescription.

A stomach ulcer with ten days in the hospital and medicine and stomach surgery is around $300.

VD treatment with a full week in the hospital runs around $250

Brain surgery with 2.5 months in the hospital, 11 CAT scans, and multiple operations is around $10,000

Insurance is important when the costs of a hospital stay, and all the treatment exceeds your weekly income. Whenever you can pay in cash, it is always better than paying via installment plan. I am not intending to discourage you from getting insurance, just suggesting that you not consider China to be just like a Western nation. It isn't.


I am not disparaging your line of work. Indeed, I would not drive in China without insurance. There is an important role that it plays.

That being said, there is a FUNDAMENTAL difference in the determination of NEED. As I stated previously, the need for insurance depends on age/lifestyle, income, risk factors, cost of living, and the relative cost of medical treatment in China. This is true everywhere, for everyone.  After all, that is why there are actuarial tables.

So please unruffled your tail feathers. There will be expats who will need to purchase medical insurance for the simple fact that they work in dangerous occupations and have high risk situations that require rapid and comprehensive medical insurance. These are your target audience, and these are your sources of income.

Any thing that I have to offer would not apply to these individuals. As their insurance needs would be paid for by their parent organization.

If you want to access Western Style hospitals in Beijing, you need insurance as the prices are much higher than what was suggested.

Sorry for my late response, but thanks!

Hello everyone,

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@ Richone, perhaps you could contact the professionals recommended in the business directory to inquire : Insurances in Beijing

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Hi RichOne, I just signed insruance for me and my family through Pingan Insurance. You can contact me by PM, and I will get you in contact with my contact person.

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