Future expat moving to sierra leone next year

Hi everyone,

My name is Fatmatta and I am a new member. I was born and raised in da states to sierra leonean parents.   Looking to move w my son next year and would like to establish new friendships.


Dear Fatmata,
Glad to hear that you and your kid are moving to Sierra Leone next year. I am a Sierra Leonean-born and bred there-but I live in The Netherlands. However, I am presently working in Sierra Leone as a consultant sent by the Dutch government. I came in April for three months, came back in August and will be going back in November for about three weeks. I will be back to Sierra Leone in December.
If you have any questions to ask me, please feel free to do so.


Thanks Mohamed for ur reply.  How can I get your contact or plz feel free to shoot me an email at: ***

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