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IS 200 BD salary offer is good offer in bahrain?

My brother(Fresher-Engineering) got offer from Paramount doors company with salary 200 BD monthly and offer letter they mentioned like they will increase after 3months(May be after 3 months 250 BD).

Kindly adivice me is this good deal or not.

Its a ridiculous offer for an Engineering graduate! Strictly avoidable....

Nearing half of it will be spent on accommodation, he wont be able to save anything with that salary.


Thanks for the reply...
company providing accommodation and 30 bD extra for food..kindly advice me now is that good offer?

Really not a good deal unless he is a fresher.
If he has experience, I hope in India he can get the same salary. Why to go long way from home..

Thanks for the reply!
Yes ...I too thought the same...please guide us to find good offer in Bahrain..!

Thanks for the reply..!
Yes absolutely..! This is my brother interest..on behalf of him I am collecting the info. He is one yr experience and in India also we r searching for job. Exploring the opportunities now!

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