Dili / East Timor: Looking for 3 beedroom house / apartment for rent

Hello everyone,

I currently work for a Hamburg based consulting group which specialised in the development sector. We take part in a project in Timor Leste and are now looking for a house or apartment to rent in Dili / East Timor for a family with two kids. It is important, that there are three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. This family would be living in Dili until the end of 2019.

I would be happy about tips, information concerning weekly or monthly rates or even concrete offers.

Thank you in advance and kind regards from Germany


Perhaps contact any NGO's or larger expat companies for ideas / information.
Air bnb may give you an idea of prices.

I typed 'house rental companies east timor' into my search engine and came up with plenty of sites for you to check out.

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