Processing time of Appealed Student Pass and how to check the outcome?

Hello everyone. I’m Shiva Kumar an Indian. Recently I got an admission into a private college in Singapore. But my student pass rejected. With the help of college I appealed. I appealed to ICA on 11/09/2017. My college management told me that the processing will take at least 3 weeks. I waited for 3 weeks but still no result. As my college intake was on 03/10/2017, I emailed to ICA on 02/10/2017 requesting for the status of appealed pass. They replied me on the next day saying that “we’re still looking into appeal” and they also told me that outcome will be sent to college. Till now college haven’t got any outcome. Whenever I contact college for information regarding this they told me that once we receive outcome they’ll definitely inform me. I’m so worried as I waited so long for this education. Any suggestions from folks in here regarding the processing time and is it possible for me to check the outcome without contacting college.
Thanks in advance.

There is unfortunately nothing you can do but wait.
And if ICA sends the result to the college only, you will have to ask for it there.

Okay Beppi, thank you.

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