Online shopping in Saudi Arabia

Hello everyone,

Shopping online can be far more convenient and offer greater choice than going into shops, be it grocery shopping or retail.

Are there options for online shopping in Saudi Arabia? Which sites or apps do you use most frequently and are these local or international?

Are there particular products that are cheaper to buy online or that are perhaps not available in Saudi Arabia?

What is the delivery process like — is it easy to receive deliveries and what are the costs of shipping? Are there any taxes to pay upon receipt?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Yes Danube (supermarket) has launched its online app they deliver groceries etc.

Hi Priscilla,
I used to by most of the thing by online.If you buy from Amazon they will charge very high price for shipping.If you buy from you can buy all things bt shipping charge is(only standard shipping)low.but it is not guaranteed you will get by normal post within 30-45 days.My Many items has been lost.but if it did not receive by you all will refund your money.
you can buy all things through online shopping except your parents.Some of the item they will not ship to SAudi Arabia.
So you can use are very speed delivery and reliable,but price is little bit high comparing with Amazon and ebay and some of the items will not avilable.shipping charges will charge each and every items separately.for example...if you buy a iphone shipping charges only 15 riyal,if you buy a iphone cover for 5 riyal you should pay 15 riyal for iphone cover also.
ask me for further assistance

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Good Morning
I used to buy most of the things online from
I have Iphone 7 plus-256 GB memory. If some one wanna to purchase, feel free to contact me on **

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ha ha ha

Yes. I've tried and they are reliable and speed. a bit on the high price, but still good. I've also tried the, they also delivered on time but it was a bit pricy.

Being a professional Photographer. This particular site has lots to offer. This is the only and unique store for professional Photographer of Saudi Arabia. All high standard and variety of materials are available here and their home delivery is also prompt. "" ""  this is the site where I mostly buy my needs.


Check out for as it a new rival for in this region, definitely costumer is going to get some benefits as a new competitor has entered the market.

I used , I used to get a mixed feeling when using their service. Certain products are shipped via Aramex and some via smsa. SMSA service is terrible and I don't remember a single time that the product was delivered without an argument with the customer care.

On the bright side, you have a good return policy. Therefore, for most of the products, you can return it and get a refund within 14 days, if you did not like it.

Finally, souq is on costlier than some other online platforms. For instance, I was able to purchase 500GB Samsung SSD, 200 sar cheaper from Amazon than what was offered on souq.

do your research before purchasing.


two websites are popular for online shoppings.

souq and wadi

My personal fav is - free shipping from thousands of sellers in China with unbeatable prices. Tracked parcels are ususally being delivered in 2-3 weeks.

I have bought several electronics from extra online
but I did not glad because delivery to much late and the delivery are not coming to home
they are coming to smsa office and qauranty is problem if anything happen to electrinonic the man in the shops says that you did not buy from here you will call to extra online
you can pay with card and with atm the system name is SADAD.
Extra online and extra price same .
There is but I did not try.

Four your information..thanks

its takes 2months to delivery

E-commerce is still picking up in the country and is still way behind other countries such as America, India etc.

However, Amazon's acquisition of Souq and the entrance of Noon signals that there is an untapped market in the middle east.

Personally, I have used Souq since 2012 and it has come a long way in improving its services. I try to purchase the products which have the FBS (fulfilled by Souq) tag which ensures better quality check and a competitive price.

They also have a crazy sale festival at the end of November, similar to 'Black Friday' in the USA. It's a great time to upgrade your phone and other electronics.

In terms of purchases like gifts, toys, electronics, etc....use which now has merged itself with Almost all branded products have an app in Google Appstore hence you can visit the same. In terms of groceries danube and carefour has online apps. You can buy online and you are given options to either to pick it up from the store or get it delivered at home. For food - chains like pizza hut, dominos have online menu ordering and getting it delivered like whats explained for Danube. In case of Albaik, you can order online, but necessarily need to go in person to collect it.

Hope this information is useful.


Hi there,

Online shopping is safe and easy in Saudi Arabia.

If you are using local sites such as,, then delivery will be in 2-4 days and they might deliver free according to the location and order size.

In case of shopping from Amazon, Ebay shipment should be paid separately and normal delivery process will be followed.

Shopping from Ali Express is some thing to look at, as it is direct purchase from chine and shipment delivers to door step for fee (in 40 days) and for paid (10 days).

You must not order products which are not permissible in Saudia Arabia



You can try Jollychic. All products are from China. You can download the app.

Souq  is one of the best sites which u can order online is the good online shopping option in Saudia Arabia some items you may find cheaper then the market
I would rate it 8 out of 10
I have purchased things like book cabinet, lamp, fragrances (mostly), jewelry, cosmetic, adult toys, and gardening liquid items, All original and well packaged. Tracking and convenience of courier service is good. I mostly prefer items to be delivered to nearby SMSA courier service center and go and receive in my free time. That's sounds perfect to me.
Once I returned a jewelry item and go my money back in a week or so, with no complaints.
Tracking is available on and on courier website (based on what option you choose). The stuff usually arrives in 4 days. (US)
Rating 8/10
A few things that were not available on souq, I ordered from Amazon. Tracking was available and the stuff came via Aramex. It takes around 20 days for the cheapest option (standard delivery with Aramex).

AliExpress (CN)
Rating 6/10
Well, it is the least likeable to me. Everything is in range and items are well packaged and in first class condition. But the worst thing is when you choose free shipping. This way you receive the items through SAUDI POST.
Tracking is available on SAUDI POST website and app only if the sender has dispatched your order and tracking number is something like RF1234567CN.
The worst thing is, due to certain regulations, SAUDI POST will look for your NAME against your registered address ( and mobile number. If your registered address is different than delivery address, they might hold your package at SAUDI POST Office and you have to go pick yourself. Their timings are really inconvenient for me. It may take from 15 days to more than 1 month on standard delivery.
With ALIEXPRESS, my experience is, if your tracking number is in aforementioned format then be patient your items will come but if the case is otherwise, forget the items and open the dispute, because you can't even track them. In every bulk purchase I lost one or two items in midway. If you open dispute, the sender will agree to send you the item again but with future order from his/her store. (That's tricky, I know) (US)
Rating 9/10
This is relatively new online store mainly with multiple health products available. Pricing is great, shipping is excellent. You have the option to choose from DHL, SMSA, UPS.
If you choose SMSA, because it is cheapest option, SMSA service will call you to confirm your address (in arabic language). No worries, coz later the courier guy will call you again on delivery day to confirm the address. Fortunately, he is same guy for me and knows English. Delivery time is 1 week approx. (SA)
I ordered a computer availing the 15% discount offer on online purchase in September'17. The order was well-packaged and delivered through ARAMEX in a week (that's too much as order came from Riyadh). No complaints.

NOVA water
Rating 8/10
I order online Nova water through their website. They deliver in a week. In the comments, you may request them your favorable timings to deliver and they will honor your request. There is a minimum limit of order you place.

Good Morning,

Now most of big superstores are trying to provide online facility which already have are Jarir Bookstore, Extra stores, Danube etc

The other most popular online websites are below; (cheap quality products)

I hope this information will help you.


So what's going on at IKEA  Al Khobar?  Tried to get in contact with the store and log in with my UK Family Card to tell them of a very unfortunate Google translate for Mattress Protector. Didn't manage it and now the site doesn't come up at all on my laptop - have I been blocked? They were offering free delivery for goods over SR1500, which my Husband would have been glad off as I have given him a very long list  of items that I need in apartment.  Don't laugh if you see a guy weighed down with shopping - that will be him.

I have tried Jolly Chic, their quality is below standard and I will not recommend if you buy electronics.
Does anyone knows how shipping companies charge for large shipments like furniture? kitchen cabinets etc?

Hello, i'm planning to buy items in aliexpress will they deliver your item directly to my office address?


It's not AliExpress who delivers. It is courier service you opt for while checking out on AliExpress.
In scenario of China Air post, your post would be delivered by SaudiPost. This option is sometimes free or minimal charges. But, make sure you have registered your national address. Otherwise you will be in great inconvenience.

The previous posts already have very good answers to this question. The main online sellers were mentioned before me.
I just want to add the most efficient way to compare the prices of these main sellers. I always check before making any purchase. In addition to the prices on online stores, you can also compare those at the nearby stores.

Hi All,
I have heard that Ramadan is the time we get lot of offers from online stores. I am looking for Home electronics items like TV, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Washing Machine etc. What could be the best online website for it and what could be the best time for offers like one week before Ramadan or such ?

@bilalamjad regarding aliexpress, is it possible to redirect my oders via free shipping method to the nearest parcel station in my area? Since I have a hectic schedule at my work and usually go home at night. So it'll be convinient for me to pick up my items in my free time.

Nocchi :

@bilalamjad regarding aliexpress, is it possible to redirect my oders via free shipping method to the nearest parcel station in my area? Since I have a hectic schedule at my work and usually go home at night. So it'll be convinient for me to pick up my items in my free time.

Yes, based on your own convenience you can use Package Claiming service to let your shipment be in nearest parcel station of your choice. This request may take around 2 days. So make sure you request Package Claiming atleast before your shipment arrives in your city.

good luck.

which is the best shipping method from Aliexpress to Saudi Arabia because this time i received an item from aliexpress by using aliexpress direct shipping method and i received my stuff by aramex and they charge me 20 saudi riyal 10 handling fee and 10 for VAT total 20

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