Getting legal capacity

Hi everyone! I just want to know if its possible for my French fiance to get the legal capacity if he had children in france?but he is divorced.the children age 12 and 10.thanks for the answer.

Hello - I'm not sure what you mean by legal capacity - can you explain?

Legal capacity to marry. I'm wondering if we can get this because my fiance have two minor children in france.Legal capacity means he or she don't have any obligation in thier country. for example he or she are legit to get married again.but I'm worried because he have two children.and he still supporting them.

If you want to get married in France, and if France recognizes that he is divorced, then he can marry again. Whether he has children or not doesn't matter. You can check with the mairie where you want to get married for all their requirements.
If you want to marry in another country, you need to check their requirements.

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