Hello guys,
Here's the scenario, one of my friend met with the accident while driving from dammam to riyadh. My friend stays at riyadh. Around 09:00pm Thursday @ 120 kms from dammam. The car flipped 3 times and he lost his cards/mobiles/ and other stuff which was thrown out of the car on the road. Since it was dark at that time, he couldn't retrieve many things. All  he could find was iqama, DL and insurance copy. Couldn't find the istamara. The highway patrol came and towed both the vehicles to a nearby village murooor soffice. There the muroor police guy checked both the vehicles for accident and put the blame (100%) on the other guy. And the muroor guy gave my friend a piece of white paper all written in Arabic. And the tow guy took the car to dammam for valuation of the repair. Since it was Friday and Saturday my friend left for Riyadh, leaving the car with the tow guy, who assured that he will do the necessary action at dammam and will tow the vehicle to riyadh for the final repairs. Definitely for a agreed upon cost.
Friends insurance - third party
Other guys insurance - comprehensive

So the question is, He doesn't know what next is to be done. As he's getting mixed/confusing answers. any members on the forum can throw some light on the exact next steps.

Feel free to ask any questions.


I did an accident before, what happened is, i left the accident area to the hospital and the police took the car to them office, after few days i went the and collected the car with the police report, the car was total lost so i got a truck to left it , actually it was rent car by my company , so I returned the car back to the rent company.
The insurance company based on the police report will evaluate the situation and decide ifthey will charge u or not, if it was ur fault so they will charge you otherwise they will not.
That's all , good luck.

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