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I have been checking for a used car on installment basis for since I arrived KSA. I am just new here, finished 3 months. I want a good pre owned car on monthly installments. Can anybody help me to find out. Please help as  I am a new comer to Dammam

I suggest that you visit pre-owned vehicles section of major dealers such as Abdul Latif Jamil (Toyota), Al Jomaih or UMC (GMC), Al Jazirah Vehicles (Ford). Their prices are up to 15% higher than market average but you buy a car that doesn't require maintenance and comes with a warranty from the dealer.

Thanks for the reply.
Will those mentioned dealers provide finance facility for pre owned cars?
Pls reply

Asallam Alekum
im looking for old model of mercedes or chvrlt car on installment.
mostly i have seen old suadies are using these kind of cars, long shape

There is instalment  system for used car in this no ****

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I need used GMC Yukon on installment basis

Hi dear I'm saud Ahmed khan I have mu instalment car mercury millennium 2010 model already pay 36  instalment instalments is 1000 pr month re meningitis 17 more but I m going too finel exit if u want to continue instalment I will transfer today u I m just help u no need My money just pay remind instalment and cary own ur work cantect *

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Yes iam interested but can i pay monthly 500 sar as a installment ?

Please revert bk asap




Yes iam interested but can i pay monthly 500 sar as a installment ?

Please revert bk asap


The bank won't allow that.  :)

Good Day to everyone...
i have a ticket of Riyadh to Philippines as well as exit visa here in Saudi Arabia
and i have a working visa to Qatar as well as airlines ticket going to Doha.
the big issue is can i cancel my airline ticket from Riyadh to Philippines so that
i go to Qatar with the same date.

Yes I m interested please give me your contact number.

hi. iam interested. how can i contact you?

@ abraham bai,  I think you're in the wrong thread.

Anyway, you can either cancel the ticket to the Philippines or ignore it and use the ticket to Doha. If you have a final exit clearance, you can leave KSA and go to any other country where you have a visa.

If you want to know more, ThelegendLeads and HRGuru know better🙂.


Dear, I have a Renault duster 2016 4X4 full option. The car is on lease by NCB, i wanted to transfer the lease. The payment detail is listed below.
1. Monthly instalment is 1150/-
2. I paid already 6000/- down payment + 12 month instalment.
3. Remaining instalment is 36 month.
4. The last payment is 14000/-
I am not asking any amount just take transfer from me in free. Car ODO is 50000 KM, There is still warenty service up-to 70000 or 3 years is remaining on car. Its mean if there will be any mechanical fault will come the service centre will fix it in free. Car have next 3 year free insurance by NCB.


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Hello. Good day. I am interested. Please send me contact detaiks via pm. Thank you.

Good day.I am looking for used car on installment basis. Can anyone help me?

Yes,I have one Toyota corolla on installment

Can I know any more details please ?

How much and may you send me the pics?

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i need also used but not abused car.

Hello. Can you tell me details.

what kind of document i need for buy  instalment car ?

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