Tourist Residence Permit

Hello! I am new to this forum and I already need help regarding getting a permit to reside in Turkey.
I want to apply for the tourist residence permit for 10 months, during which I'll stay in my friend's apartment so no rental expenses. I am aware of the official 500 USD for each month requirement when applying, but how much in total should I realistically expect to show proof of in person for such a permit? Is it strictly 500 per month or is there some discretion? What are your experiences?

I should add that I am a US citizen and have entered and left Turkey on a tourist visa many times in the past and did not overstay.

Thanks in advance!

Hi back
I'm an Egyptian person
I'm not awared if turkish authorities are dealing with all nationalities as the same way or not but I'll tell you my own experience
You have to have an interview date throughout the web which nowadays it takes about 2 months from application to the designated date
You have to take a taxes number
You have to rent a house to present this document at the interview
You have to make a health insurance policy which you pay an amount of money per year accordingly to your age ( max.100 us dollars )
All of this documents you'll present at the interview
Finally to make a good living as a single if you neutralized rent cost the 500 us dollars you mentioned is fairly enough
If you need to explain about anything that I can give help at Istanbul please don't hesitate to send it

Thanks for your reply! The main question is, do the authorities ask for proof of 500 per month exactly, or can you convince them that you'll be fine with less?

Dear there no such question at the interview
Usually the dialog between you and the authorized person is very abridged or null

Not required to show

No need to submit any papers for it?

Thanks, that's good to know... any info online that I can find on this is very conflicting

Only the papers said
Taxes number
Lease contract
Insurance policy
Passport and a photocopy
2 or 3 recent photographs
That is all

What I'm saying is just happened to me a few weeks ago
The only conflict can be does the Turkish government deal with all foreigner the same or not
And this issue you can be sure of through the internet

How and from where do you get the tax number if you're not already a resident?

That's the simplest step
When you arrive to Istanbul you go to a building call virgi at Imneyat Fatih area then with your passport you get your taxes numbered you keep it with you
You'll need that number at any financial action after

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