One month notice

Hi i have one question hope any one can give me advise ... I work here in bahrain for one month and then i resigned the company cancelled my visa and give me one month notice ... Before the grace period ened i got offer letter and i signed the offer letter and contract and give all the requirements to the new company but im just worried cause still they are mot processing my visa and i have only three days time to transfer my visa otherwise i have to exit bahrain... What should i do if the grace period of one notice is finish and still they new company still not process my visa ... Can anybody give me advise thanks


Unfortunately you may have to exit the country, there cannot be an extension of the same, if the visa is in progress then you can contact LMRA and see what advise they have for you


Hi thanks for ur advise.. Actually the visa is on progress now... So i dont need to exit the country is that right .. Thanks

You need to get this verified by your employer, kindly contact them and let them know that your grace period will end soon.


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