is the kingdom going to apply VAT next year or not? UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is going to apply it... please share with us your view

greetings to all

Yes brother its starting frm next year,
companies have started the preparations already.


Does anyone know that if VAT will be applied on School's Tuition Fees as well?  So far there is nothing clear from 'General Authority of Zakat & Tax', however, schools individually start sending notices.

Kind share if someone has concrete information.

Mehboob (Riyadh)

Yes, i received a letter from my son's school reminding me that by 1/1/18 there will b a 5% on school tuition. The school advised me to pay for the next term now to avoid it

This I already commented in my post that school already started sending notices to parents.

VAT will not be applicable on  Govt services and House rents.

Please go through the official announcement in the link below.

saudigazette .

Brother, my question is about School Tuition Fees, not housing rent.
Anyway, thanks for sharing the link.

Except those two services everything is included in VAT List.

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