dependent's fees

Hello every body,
I have 1 question, i submitted my dependent's fees up to year 1440 for Iqama renewal purpose and during payment, system show me that i have balance 650 SR and need to pay 4950 SR for the defined date,
After when i submitted my fees 4950 SR (Amount deducted from my account), i selected refund just in mind to collect my 650 SR available in my iqama( refund command accepted by system).

Now when i am searching again for dependent fees payment for iqama renewal date of 1440, again system is displaying to pay 4950 SR and balance 650 SR in my name, what the is the status of my payment now( I am worried ) , where is money went i just paid? :sosad:

Refund come to your account after 3 days. May be system does not update till refund  process starts

Don't worry, it might be a technical error. But you'll not lose whatever you've paid. I'm sure.

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