minimum salary to license teachers in Bahrain

Am a trained teacher in economics, mathematics and management. I will like to complete my carrier in Bahrain.  Can someone tell me what is the minimum paid package and how fast can I pick up a job in school irrespective of the city.
What is the cost of living and how friendly are the Bahraini

Roland NC.


I am not sure about the first part of the question regarding how much would be the minimum pay, it would depend since Bahrain does not follow a salary standard. Regarding the cost of living kindly go through the below mentioned links which should give you an idea  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise

Good luck.

Thanks Logicalindian, your advice and directive are helpful.
Is there any possibility for one to work and still school in Bahrain at the same time.
I hold a Master degree in Business Administration and also intend to obtain my PHD while following my teaching carrier.
Roland NC

It will depend on your employer.


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