pau and surrounds

Are there any expats living here who can inform me about the area. I am retired and live on the Med near Montpellier but the pollution is very serious and must get out.

Hi, I don't live in the area but am looking into moving on the outskirts of Montpellier. I didn't think pollution was an issue but now you have me wondering. Where is the pollution coming from? Is it just the pollution you are moving from?


Where I am is very serious with  2 cement factories  and Exon mobile spreading their filth. Montpellier is a friendly city but is also tarnished by air, and water pollution. The sea also leaves a lot to be desired.
In general the people seem very depressed and many voted LePen.
Most of the Med region is heavily polluted for the sake of my health I must leave and Pau seems to tick the boxes.

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