How to move family/ girlfriend to Maldives

Dear members
I'm new here, in a few weeks I will move to work on a Liveaboard and as many expats I wish I could make my partner closer to me.
She is a lovely, Japanese, English speaking woman, ex school teacher, diver, with 2 year experience helping in a dive shop.
I will really appreciate any advices to bring her to Maldives.
Best regards

Hi bro,

firstly, yr girlfriend need to get a job if possible & preferably same resort of yours.

(since she knows diving & Japanese language)

or grab whatever your resort offers...believe for a Japanese girl, your resort would not offer
a lower rank job ....

take care & enjoy

Thanks Calvin,
Im  going to work on a Liveaboard there is no job for her, I was thinking if she can find a Job or au pair at Male', may be is a smal business there.

that's great bro; all the best

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