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Hi Everyone,
I will be relocating to Amsterdam next month but have not decided (and no idea) which area to rent/stay. Would be great to get some advise from the locals/expats who know Amsterdam well. :)

I am looking at a safe area for an apartment (for one pax) max 1K EUR rent (cost conscience), bicycle friendly to Sloterdijk station (work) and near to some shops (eg. for goccery and activities). Not looking for city centre area since it will be way out of my budget.

Any advise will be good for me to kick start my search.

Thanks in advance!!  :D

Hi and welcome to the Forum. :)

There are several web-based agencies offering what you're looking for.  One of which is Pararius; this link will take you to a search I just did, based on what you've told us.  However, I wouldn't advise you to make any commitment without seeing it for yourself, so to tide you over the first couple of weeks, I'd use something like AirBNB.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Cynic!

Yes, i will be staying somewhere temporarily and then get a longer term accom.
I do have some website for house hunt but all the areas/neighbourhood is foreign to me and i have a hard time narrowing down on the area. Any suggest?

Hi Michelle,

Unfortunately, I've only been to Amsterdam on day trips from Enschede (which is right over to the East of Holland); I have no direct experience of living in Amsterdam.

All I can suggest is once you find some places you like, to use Google; this link will take you to a Google Maps page centred on Sloterdijk station.  Once you enter a place or address, it will give you all the options (bus/train/tram) on how to get the Sloterdijk Station.

Hope this helps.

Hi Cynic, that is fine! thanks for offering your advise.

Roomster is good
Facebook groups

It's all about speed and a nice detailed message of what you can bring to the living space

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