Employment pass: not sure of employer's intentions

Hello good friends and kind strangers!

So I have managed to get an informal offer by email from a Singapore employer. They even asked me to fill in the epass application form and send it to them along with my documents.
Strangely, they did not ask for a photograph, and therefore I didn't send it to them.

It has been two weeks now, and there's been only silence. When I asked them a couple of times, they just said, "It should be done soon". I don't want to annoy them with repeated calls/mails.

However, two weeks have passed and now I am wondering whether they are even interested anymore. And, being the obsessive paranoid that I am, I remembered the point about the photograph. Is a photo required for an EP application? If it is, then that means that the employer has not even submitted my application!

Thanks in advance for your help.

First question - did you pay them for anything?

Photo is not mandatory at the time of submitting application, if your application gets approved then you need to visit MoM office for your finger print and photo shoot at their office. If you could have google it, MoM website has all the details.

Did you go through various threads in this forum related to EP application? If you would have visited then it has mentioned many times that now a days in most of application cases, it takes longer time to get a response (from 1 week to 4 months). Each application reviews at MoM on its merit.

Lastly, have patience and wait for the response. Don't need to impatient and asking repeatedly to the employer. Ask them provide the FIN number generated at the time of application details entered into the MoM system, so that you too can check the status online. Good luck

Thanks, Surya. I did go through the threads on here and also the information put out by MOM. There was however, a chance that they all missed the point about the photo because it was too obvious. Hehe! Don't know, my anxiety is chronic.
Thanks again for your response. I feel better now.

Update: I did ultimately send out an enquiry/reminder email to the employer. They hadnt yet applied for the ep, because of internal miscommunication with HR apparently. My reminder woke them up and now the application process is on, and I also got the FIN number to track the status.
Well, what do you know.

Update: I got my EP approved yesterday, expecting the IPA to come today.
Thought I'd share my experiences here. The over all time taken was about 6 weeks, but most of this delay can be attributed to the HR. MoM actually took a total of 10 days to turn around my application.

This is a VERY short EP processing time at MoM - you must be a desirable type for Singapore. Congratulations!

..and the desirability is mutual. :)
Thanks, beppi and surya2k for sharing your knowledge on the forum. Now, on to some serious house hunting.

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