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I got an offer from a company and they tole me that they have applied for an E-pass. I am currently working in singapore under a different employer. When I check the ep status online using EPOL website, I couldn't able to retrieve my current application as submitted by HR. Do you think it will take some time for my application to be available in the EPOL website? HR submitted the application yesterday evening.


Ask them to provide you the status, if they would say "status shows pending" then ask them provide you the print screen for your confirmation. Or else ask them to give you the identification number (FIN) so that you can visit MoM website to check the status.

Next time, I would suggest read the open threads in Singapore forum where we had discussed such cases number of times. Good luck

Hi Surya,

I know the FIN number already. It is my existing FIN number. I have read through the other similar questions like this. However, there is one thing missing. If they have applied , I should be able to retrieve using the travel document number. However, with my travel document number , the website shows the previous EP application status and not the current one. So my question is , was there any cases of time difference between HR applying to MOM and the status display in EPOL website?

Correct, I didn't realise you are working here. So, you can check through the existing FIN. Normally, the website would reflect the EP status only when its approved or rejected (cause as per the record, your FIN number has valid EP with your existing employer). MoM website won't show your new EP status unless there is a change. That's why I told you to ask HR to provide any references that they had submitted your application.

Your application was submitted YESTERDAY. You should give MoM a few days to show that in the EPOnline system. Don't be so impatient - they have hundreds of applications similar to yours to take care of!

Noted guys. One more question, Is there any chance to reject my EP as I may fall under the category of job hopper?. My company transferred internally to its sister company and applied for a new EP. Now within 2 months I found a job and my new employer has applied for an EP.

Only if MoM thinks the "hopping" is caused by you - so, if they reject you (and hopping is the reason), tell them what really happened.

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