Friends needed to Relax..Walk..Do Yoga..Smile.Explore

Working in Dubai is nice. Everything has a system. Timing.
I collect currencies from different countries and this country helped me a lot to have a collection of 280 countries ( existing and extinct!)
There are party goers..Crowd addicts..
I am none of those and I was wondering if there are people ...expats, feel like me
I love Rain and Snow( no chance here)
I love Yoga ( I teach free - the natural Yoga for the past 20 years)
I love walking ( and I do every day)
I love cooking ( veggies and everything which is good for health)
I love SMILING ( There is no one without worries and stress...from billionaire to beggar- every one has a reason to go sleepless or get  High BP- but just live in the present. Forget about past or future.)
I love exploring UAE- (There are a lot of Great places to explore ..)
I love Visiting other Countries- (Visa easy -places -like Maldives, Zanzibar, Mauritius,( countries even a bit far- like Greece, France,Germany, Ukraine,Italy, Czec, )
I love to help others - (we can form a small group to help labourer, maids etc let them  smile, by gathering, helping , advising, listening to them )
In short, other than buying all the unnecessary things in malls, spending all the bucks on luxury,wasting good times in partying, howling and whistling in tune to some screamers on stage ( in the name of LIVE concert,) We can do many good things - before we leave this beautiful planet earth...
Keep in touch with SMILE..

Excellent! Keep in touch.

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