Moving and looking at Dhahran British Grammar school

Hi there,
We are a British family looking to move to Saudi Arabia.  My husband would move out initially.  My concern is the schooling.  What is Dhahran British School like? Would you say it is the equivalent of a private school in England?  How do you find day to day life in Saudi?  How did your children react tpo wearing an Abaya outside?  I am unsure of what to expect and not sure if it is for us.  Any information you can share, I would really appreciate it.  Many thanks

Hi there
We recently moved to al khobar but although we made contact with schools earlier in the year and continued to keep in touch, we have found esp. from one of the school, that communication is non-existent.  Both myself and husband have visited the school and no joy.  Just been told to wait. So... will probably have to homeschool till a place becomes available 😬

I have found the grammar school better with communication and information but still have no spaces. 

Perhaps see if you can apply while still in NZ.

My daughter is 9 initially when we went out we would just ensure she wore trousers and a long top but eventually decided to get her the abya as it made it easy going out and she has been fine about it.  Hers is pretty with little flowers so it has been no issue at all.  I think she is just happy to be able to wear shorts underneath rather than having to change her entire outfit if we went out.

Hope that helps.


I would be interested to know if the school with the non existent communication is the same school I email and phone with no response.


Hahaaa highly likely.  So... frustrating and even going in, I wasn't able to see anyone or get any information on where we sit on the list 😤

How old are your kids??
My other issue is my daughter will be made to start the same year again, which she should be finishing in Aus in a couple of months time

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