Studying Islam in Saudi

How does one go about studying Islam there?

Na'am inshaAllah.  I am working on trying to get there.  Is the Islamic Center a school?

Islamic Centers in Saudi Arabia are huge and highly organised university like institutions developed to cater the educational  and social requirements of muslims and also new muslims.

The courses offered are basic Quran Reading, (Tajweeed) recitation (Qiraat), Arabic language ( basic , intermediate, advanced), Grammar, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqa , Aalim, Seerat un Nabi (life of holy prophet PBUH, weekly lectures on current affairs. :one

I'm an Australian English teacher, without any kind of Muslim background, but I am interested in learning about Islam too.  Would I be allowed to go to an Islamic Centre too?  I live in Jeddah and I as I am single, I don't have a male guardian to take me.  Can I go on my own?

Alhumdulillah! Allahu akbar! This is wonderful to now. Jazakallahu khair!

Hi Pitch,

If you're willing to learn about Islam from authentic people who really have knowledge about Islam, then start by watching introductory lectures of Dr. Zakir Naik on youtube. I hope you'll get a true picture and better understanding. This is for your good. Bye!

Hello Pitch,

The answer to your question is yes and no!

You are of course welcomed to join some basic courses with a view to learn and understand basics of Islam. I suggest you speak to the course organizer to seek guidance on the lectures and its level.

Please try to understand that these institutions are geared to providing serious education and open discussion for the 'sake of discussion' is not appreciated and is often disallowed.

I agree with Waseem's advise too. For the interim period, you should start listening to some lectures to get answers to your queries.

I request some Muslim sisters residing in Jeddah to give you company in your initial visits to the Islamic center to make you feel more comfortable. :one

Thank you all for the advice!

Assalamu Alaikum to all, yes Mam Pitch306 it's ok if you dont have male guardian to take you islamic center. Just chose the nearest to your place and if any contacts they can take you and send you back from where they fetch you. they have their own coasters or service. Since you are willing to learn I'm sure your gonna love the teaching and in sha Allah, you will become a good muslima one day........

you're welcome in all muslim centers. You do not need a male guardian for such things, as man and women are completely separated in the centers/ prayer areas.   Every city has what are called "dawah centers" and they offer very basic classes about islam.  They will provide you with books, etc. i can came up with an address for you shortly, inshaa Allaah

Thanks Rareshine,

I had you in my mind when I said :

"I request some Muslim sisters residing in Jeddah to give you company in your initial visits to the Islamic center to make you feel more comfortable. :one"

Thank you.  That'll be great.

MashaAllah, it is so beautiful that you are there and that you can take advantage of this.  May Allah guide you to the truth and keep your heart firm upon it Pitch, ameen  :heart:

Hello Friends,

I very much appreciate brother Nommi Gill's offer.

However in the true spirit of Islam, I request if a female member could play this role. This can be understood since a female seeking knowledge will naturally want to share issues and experience very personal and intimate in nature, secondly a  غير محرم male and female should not meet in private for what ever discussion. :top:

You can go to the Mosque in Thalia, just by the KFC. They are supposed to have a "foreigner center". Exactly what you are asking for.


Hello all,
Brother Ali Nouman is a good speaker. He resides in the US. His talks are all from the Qura'an. They are beautiful lessons in life and very educational.
This is one of his lectures called
Be like a bee

Can anyone guide me about a center in Riyadh specially for foreigners.

Thanks, that sounds good.

This is a list of the Dawa offices in Riyadh divided by neighborhood.
By the way, be prepared to call ahead and check if they are active. Some offices might have low activities.
Um Al-Hammam 4827489
Batha /4030251 4059387
Badiea /4330888 4301122
Rawda /4922422 4970561
Rabwa  4916065 4970126
Sultana 424007 4251005
Al-Shefa’ /4200620 4221906
The new Sinaea /4982224 4982228
The old Sinaea/4489477 4488928
North Riyadh /4704466 4705094
Azizia 4955555 4956111
Olaya and Sulimania 4629944 4624346
Suli 2414488 2411733
Naseem /2350195 2301465
Swaidi 4260071 4260071
Dereia /4861240 4860284
West Deera 4391942 4391851

If nothing works. re-post here and i will ask more.


Hi All,

A book I would recommend for people interested in learning about Islam is What Everyone Should Know about Islam and Muslims by Suzanne Haneef. Check out:

- … eryone.pdf
- … ks_p1.aspx

A TV channel I would recommend is PEACE TV (English Version)

Authors/Speakers who inspire me to learn about Islam are:
-    Yusuf Estes – a Texas-based former preacher
-    Abdurraheem Green –
-    Hussain Yee-
-    Noman Ali Khan -
-    Khalid Yasin (if you like a point-blank talking style from the Bronx!)

A store that I like is Dar-Us-Salaam to purchase books on Islam.
•    Riyad, Olaya branch: Tel 966-1-4614483 Fax: 966-1-4644945
•    Riyad, Malaz branch: Tel 966-1-4735220 Fax: 966-1-4735221
•    Jeddah, Tel: 966-2-6879254 Fax: 966-2-6336270
•    Al-Khobar, Tel: 966-3-8692900 Fax: 966-3-8691551
•    Madinah Munawwarah, Tel/fax: 8151121 Mobile: 0503417155

A historical figure that inspires my interfaith interests is Anselm Turmeda of Canterbury: … rmeda.html

A somewhat related cross-cultural blog I enjoy reading is

“History makes it clear however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most fantastically absurd myth that historians have ever repeated.” - historian De Lacy O’Leary in his book “Islam at the cross road” (Page 8)

I do not know of Islamic centers in Jeddah but if I do find out I will let you know.

Make it a great life…you only got one to live!

raoyasir :

Can anyone guide me about a center in Riyadh specially for foreigners.

Walikum Alsalam Wa-rahmatul Allah Wa Barakatu,
Can you tell me which area is nearer to you? I will call them -inshaAllah- myself to verify they have the sections that you wanted.



I live in Al-Yarmouk.

raoyasir :


I live in Al-Yarmouk.

Ok, the phones are not always the best way to reach Dawa offices, so I was able to get few cell phones of volunteers in Urdu and English. I got the lists from They have volunteers from other languages as well.
I will send you the male volunteer cell phones via the direct message.

I have noticed that people sometimes give office numbers without first checking if the office is active. Some offices are purely volunteer based and might not be systematic in giving lectures and programs.

JazakAllah ...Thanks for the effort...May Allah bless you more.


Hope all is good, i recently come across a great website related to Islamic affairs, Fatwa's and endowments, if anyone of you wishes to learn more on you can visit:

Yes my brother please do visit the below address

Location: Madinah Rd., Al Salamah Dist. (Near Hiraa’ St., Behind Habitat (Manzil) Hotel), Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-6828888 Ext. 100
Email: mytasneem[at]


Location: Ladies Branch – Behind Sabb Bank, Al Zahraa Dist., Jeddah.
Men Branch – Arafat St., Al Andalus Dist.
Tel: 966-12-6656994
Email: info[at]

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