Can you speak Arabic? Lets learn new words

Hi all ..

Since this is my first topic here.. let me tell you a bit about me.. I'm 28 years old .. Saudi .. Bachelor in accounting from Saudi Arabia .. Masters in Finance from the university of Newcastle in Australia .. and i live in Dammam ..

I spent 2 years in Australia so I know how hard is staying in a place where people speak a different language than yours .. the aussie accent is hard actually and faaaaaaaast lol .. the good news is my english has improved a bit ( not fluent but at least I can write something you can understand here :)  ) .. I've been jumping from one topic to another and I found some arabic words used by you like Wallahy, mutawaa, wasta <== I like this one .. Lets learn new words that you may need ..

Shokrun = Thank you

Salam OR Marhaba = Hi

Aasef = Sorry

Sayyara = Car

Sooq = Shopping mall

So .. Please every one write down something that you think others will need one day :)

Welcome all in Saudi Arabia

Marhaba, Ahlan wa Sahlan to the forum King,  Sorerto beleqa'ek!

Thanks for the Arabic help.  Its nice of you to give us lessons...  Its also nice to learn the more social dialect as opposed to the formal language.  And learning some words then putting them into phrases works best for me.  So I will def take advantage of your 'lessons.'

i have seen people using digits in arabic words :

how to pronounce these? and what does they mean ? 3medeh mbarake

Moomkin = Possible
Giddam = Forward (Ahead)
Wara'a = Behind
Malesh = Never Mind
Mumtaz = Excellent
Heluva = Beautiful
Shway = Little
Ziadah = More

CAF .. WoW seems you speak arabic better than me :)  .. my pleasure to help..

meetnauman .. there are some arabic letters which cant be pronounced easily by non-arabic speakers coz they dont exist in english alphabet so we use some numbers instead.. it's not formal and only used by young people in chat rooms or sms.. hard to show you how these letters sound like.. maybe when we meet :)

musicman .. very nice .. just a small correction beautiful = helwa .. YOU ARE MUMTAZ musicman :)


Fun fact :D :  english words that mean something else in arabic:

jeep OR hat both mean "Bring"
mat  means "he died"
sin means " tooth " and also means "age"

will think about more words and tell you..

All excellent idea's King!

love the thread, and (why didnt I think of that) lol :lol:

I hope Julien Sticks this one as well :D I should stop making Boss do all the work for us :P

keep it up guys, this is one of the more important threads in my opinion.


Thanks for the words, King, good topic, we all need to learn new words

Arabic Counting ... Correct me if i am wrong

1 - wahid
2 - itnnain
3 - Tallata
4 - Arrba
5 - Khamsa
6 - Sitta
7 - Sabe'a
8 - Tammania
9 - Tissa
10 - Asharaa
11 - Hidash
12 - itnaash
13 - talatash
14 - arbatash
15 - khamsa-tash
16 - sita-tash
17 - sabe'a-tash
18 - tamania-tash
19 - tissa-tash
20 - Asshareen


The problem with changing Arabic to English is that there is no 'set' spelling, is there?

As long as it can be pronounced correctly the english sp shudnt matter

I agree--it's phonetic.  But as I said, there is no 'set' spelling, is there?

I dont think there is except for the one thats used by most Arabic speakers where they interlace the words with numbers to express various types of guttural pronunciations that the language is famous for.

I`m learing Arabic, for class interactives computer.  Put vey important fonology,
I`ts very interesant.To learn more. Listenig, vocabulary,pronuntiation.

Thanx all for the replies ..

meetnauman .. arabic counting .. :)correct :)


Alliecat .. No, there is no set spelling.



Harr = Hot  ,,,  Bared = Cold
Hena = Here ,,,  Henak = There

Hope you enjoy it and find it helpful :)

Thanks King, Can you keep posting words, I am grateful you thought of this.  I have cds "arabic for dummies", and another set, and they are not thorough.  Its great to have just everyday words.  Thanks, once again.

Colors :

Red - Ahmaar
White - Abbiyaad
Black - Aswaad
Greeen - Akkdhar
Yellow - Assfar
Blue - Azrak
Brown - Bunni ( my car color ) :P

i am not expert of arabic. please help me.

ok        طيب
present   حاضر
come تعال
no  لا
yes نعم
take    خز

Hi King

I am from South Africa, I do really appreciate you teaching gus Arabic please continue ue with this great idea.


Date - التاريخ (Al'tareekh)
Information - معلومات (Ma'lou'mat)
Name - الاسم (Al'ism)
Today - اليوم (Al'youm)
Nice - جيد (Jay'ed)
Hear - اسمع (Ism'eh)
How - كيف (Keif)
Why - ليش (Lesh)
What - ايش (Eish)
When - متي (Mita)
Where - اين\فين(Fein)
Work - عمل (Amal)
Office - طكتب (Maktab)
Street - شارع (Shar'ea)
Right - يمين (Yameen)
Left - يسار (Iesar)

keep it coming fellas!

i am very very excited to speak in Arabic..but my problem is how to right the Arabic...

well guys How about the expats write the words they want, and we give them the Arabic pronunciation, and spelling

ahelpfulsaudi :

well guys How about the expats write the words they want, and we give them the Arabic pronunciation, and spelling

Good Idea :up:

nice set of information.. keep coming guys!!

How do you say no problem, don't worry, and I don't know in Saudi dialect? Write it in arabic please

Good thread guys...let them flow...seems easy though but how about the writing in arabic? Its starts from right to left and is it easy to write?

Teach Arabic adjective and it's dergee are pronounces in different place

I just know 2 words...

qateer muskil... very difficult...  :D  :D

Good morning: Sabah al care
Good night: tasbah ala care
Thank you ; shukran
Smile: ibtasim
See you: ila liqae

I hope these are helpful.

Dear KING:

If you allow me to say:

No problem is = mafi mushkila = ما في مشكلة
Don't worry is = la tashil ham = لا تشل هم

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مافى مشكلة  ، لا تقلق

Hi tennis jeddah > can you please translate as this is an English speaking forum? Also note that this is an old topic. Thank you.

Great thread. Does anyone have any Arabic language tools they'd recommend?  I've picked up a visual dictionary, have watched a few Learn Arabic with Maha videos on YouTube, and practice with the Araby app but I'm still struggling. Any help would be appreciated, shukran :)

you can learn Arabic form movies  and Arabic friends . :)

Oh then in in trouble, I don't have any Arabic friends...yet.  Any Arabic movies you would recommend?

hi @LizzieBeeIsMe, welcome to Expat KSA! Don't worry too much about learning Arabic. You will surely learn it when you arrive and start working here. You will also notice that just like English, the verbs change from present to past tense. (ex. roh - go / rah - gone). Happy New Year, too!

Arabic movies (documentary, cultural, social, economic, political) to recommend:
Channels like BBC Arabic, France 24 Arabic, CNN Arabic, DW TV Arabic, Russia Today Arabic
CGTV Arabic (China) - This channel has drama / series. Very nice drama / series.
Also many others websites, magazines etc.

You will also love Arabic when you find Life For Like Words. Example:
Care = خير (Khayr)
Alphabet = Alif ba' ta'
Ready = raadi, raddi, meaning I am ready to reply, I feedback.

I hope this helps.

Sincerely yours,

At this pace, we need to live for 1000 years to learn a meaningful amount of Arabic. :)

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