Hi I'm yasmine

Hi I'm yasmine,
Is it possible to marry my bf he is Indian...

Thank you...

Where do you want to get marry? In india of course it is possible ;)

You can get married at the Indian Embassy in Oman.

It's difficult we are already there my side is almost done but from his side,need approval to his parents which is they don't want some Filipinos coming inside country in India...
We go already embassy in India also phillipines we will sacrifice everything but when his parents blackmailing him we stop the process...

Don't use such strong words as blackmail.

You must try and understand Indian culture first. The Indian communities are tightly knit due to the strong family structures.

His parents are objecting to your alliance with him as you are a foreigner. The percentage of Indians who get married to foreigners is very small compared to marriages within Indian societies.

Also, there is a fear amongst Indian parents that foreign women or men will divorce an Indian man or woman quite easily based on whims and fancies as most Western societies are prone to divorce and the number of broken marriages in the West is skyrocketing.

If you truly want to get married to this Indian man, convince his parents that you will not divorce their son ever. But if you believe strongly in divorce, please move on and leave the guy as he and his parents will face unnecessary social stigma when he gets divorced.

Yah we are there already,need some advertisement in 1month then finish that if they can locate where his parents leaving they will ask if they will allow their son to get marry as a Filipino lady which is his mother says if they will sign she commit suicide...

Strongly agree ;)

I ddnt think about divorce....
From their mouth they tell if he will get marry on me his mom get suicide....
I can stay in india,I can joined there family,coz I don't have family in phillipines😢😢
That's why I don't knw why they are like this to me,which i am doing good to their son...

Yah I know this about culture,maybe we need more time to convince his mom,that I'm the right for her son..😢😢😢
Need patience 😓😓

Don't ever talk down to his parents like you are doing them a favour by getting married to their son.

They will dislike you the next moment. Any parent will not like to be spoken to in that condescending tone.

His parents have valid reasons to be against this marriage. I personally know a Filipina who got married to an Indian man and now wants to get divorced just because she is 'bored' with him and his family.

Don't expect a life on par with Western standards or Western values when you get married to a normal middle class Indian man.

Wealthy Indian families are more of an exception. Parents from such families usually don't care about whom their children marry as they are rich.

Think about the socioeconomic status of your boyfriend and his family. Never ever mock or scold him or his family about their wealth or the lack of it or any of their traditional and cultural values. That would be the last day of your relationship and marriage.

Hhhmm thank  you for that,but what u say I ddnt do,instead I let him come to India to arrange our situation,but now I'm guilty, because u know I don't have parents that's why I am asking him to be nice to his parents..
I know what's the feeling of his parents but don't compared all Filipinos are same what u meet....

U can't understand my situation,I know what will happend if he go in India but I force him to in india which is more complicated in our relationship now...😢😢😢😢...
Pls don't tell are bored,when u loved a person u will not get bored...
When u loved the person u will help them,which I am willing to help.....
Is the Indian cultures are like this??? Take advantage to every Filipinos to come in India because like this like that....
We don't have right to loved them????

          Where are you from.

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