MSc. research on Indian women in the UK

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My name is Gerard Stubbs, a masters student of International Human Resource Management (CIPD level 7) at Manchester Metropolitan University.  I am conducting my thesis on the motivations and adjustment processes of Indian women who have moved to the UK.

The perspectives of women have largely been overlooked in the current research and that is particularly true of women from India.  I am looking for participants who:  1. Made the decision to move to the UK themselves (were not sent by an organisation); 2. Are currently in employment. 3. Are an Indian national.

The objectives of the research are to identify ways to ingratiate people and provide more support on an individual, organisational, and national level.  Additionally, the research will add a much needed female perspective in the field of global mobility. 

If you are interested in taking part, or know someone who fits the criteria, please contact me via this forum.  I will be happy to give further details of the research and answer any questions you may have.

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Gerard Stubbs

Hi Gerard Stubbs,

Welcome to the forum  :)

Could you please drop an advert in the Looking for testimonies in England section of the website so that interested members might back to you ?

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Hi Bhavna

Thank you for the tip.  I've posted an advert and hopefully I'll get some responses.  If you're interested yourself I will be happy to provide further details :)

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