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I just got a phone call from a friend from Hawaii who is in HCMC.  Her father apparently has prostate cancer and has blood in his urine.  She asked me if I knew a doctor but told her that I dealt with an internist for my day to day care and that she needed someone more specialized.  Can anyone recommend a urologist or oncologist?  English is not required.  If I remember correctly they live in Q. Tân Binh but they can easily travel anywhere in the city by taxi.

It is truly unfortunate that so many Vietnamese put off seeking medical care until too late, usually out of fear of costs.  I hope this is not the case for her father.

If time is critical then perhaps a visit to Bangkok or Singapore might be the most prudent option. There you could get a complete examination and the documentation indicating the problem.

Treatment could then be carried out there and then or back in Vietnam at one of the many international hospitals.

HI ,

You can ask your friend to visit FV hospital - Oncology department. You can book visit with dr DIEN (long experience in Oncology) or dr NHAN (graduated from Hardvard medical school). Both of them can  communicate in English with you.
The English report from FV can share and connect with you local country .

Let try with English speaking hospital - FVH. Also, there are lot of Good Vietnamese  Oncologist, but I am afraid that their English communication.


blunders:  Not a bad idea.  This woman certainly has the funds to do this but I don't know if she brought enough with her.  I also have the impression that her father may be rather frail and hence not up to an extended trip.  I did give her the list of international hospitals and clinics that the US consulate puts out which includes both Vietnamese places like Cho Ray and western type clinics like Columbia-Asia.  Regardless of the doctor's ethnicity, I do think she would feel better if he had western training.  A lot of Viet Kieu think that Vietnamese medical training was frozen in time in 1975.  That may have been true for a while, but I don't think it is at all true today.

thanhnx73:  I never went to FV but some people swear it is the best.  It is on the consulate list too.  I will pass on the two names you gave to her. and I will keep their names for future reference for myself, just in case.

Thanks to both of you for the quick response.

Cho Ray hospital is the last stop hospital for treatment in the South. They also have doctors who can communicate and writing in English. But the environment is so crowded and not good feeling for foreigners.
Columbia hospital is just a small clinic and not specialize in Oncology.
I would prefer your friend to check with Oncologist in FVH first. If her father has Insurance, surely FVH fee is quite expensive, but it can help. Her father needs to check with dr to solve the Hematuria problem (Bleeding urine) first , then based on FV treatment plan, your friend can decide to continue to discontinue based on her budget.
Her father will go through ER for registration and do some things for Blood urine, then wait for Oncologist. If her father is stable, he can come directly to Oncology dept.


I just found out that it is her biological father, an American, not her adoptive father who is Vietnamese.  They are in a taxi coming all the way from Nha Trang after seeing a doctor there.  They hope to get to Saigon by morning.  Given the expense of that taxi ride, they must see it as serious.

Benh Vien Dai Hoc Y Duoc in D5,on Hong Bang street has a good reputation.

I wonder how is his situation now

Coll-wing :

I wonder how is his situation now

He got to the hospital that morning, I believe FV.   I didn't ask about his long term prognosis but she said that he is stabilized and presumably will be going back to the mainland US before too long.  My thanks to all who helped out.


It is good to hear that patient is stable. Wish he will be fine during the time in VN and also on the way back to US.

For such kind of seeking urgent help,  i think that the post in forum would be slow in replying depend on the time and the people who in online at that time. I would suggest that we can make to list with the contact ( both foreigners and local) with the field they can help the answer. In case someone need help. just quick look at the list and hopefully he/she can find the list. We have had the dr list and facilities in somewhere in this forum, but sometime at some case it would be not enough.
How do you think about my idea.

Have a nice day to all.

thanhnx73 :

We have had the dr list and facilities in somewhere in this forum, but sometime at some case it would be not enough.
How do you think about my idea.

Yes it is a good idea although I would say that the response from all was still very quick.  I think the lists that we both may have seen in the past were posted by the incomparable Jaitch   Hopefully one day the moderators will let him back.  His sources of information on several topics were detailed and well organized even if he got a little mentally combative at times.

The man in question has been to Vietnam many times including the first time as a member of US forces.   I do not know him well.  I only met him once, as he live in the US mainland and his daughter lives in Hawaii, but I expect he is a tough character.


Please keep update on here, because I wonder how he gets help from Vietnam Hospoite till he goes back. Because I have no idea how is the reaction, from Vietnamese Doctor or different Doctors in Vietnam.

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis of prostate cancer. A real bummer, but as most doctors will tell you, most men die with it rather than of it, and it's a fairly simple operation to remove if you catch it in time.

As someone else said, check FV Hospital in Saigon, but if you have good insurance, go to Singapore (or maybe Bangkok). I had a urology issue here in Saigon last year, which prompted me to go to the Mt Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for a bladder examination (ouch!). The head urologist there determined that the Vietnamese urine test and scan were "utterly false", and he was scathing about "amateurish" Viet scans that he had to deal with all the time.

Make of that what you want, but I know whom I would rather believe. Good luck!

Dear Robvan,

May I know where did you go for your  test? Was it FV hospital? For other hospital, I have no idea, but for Imaging doctors in FV, they are really good to interpret imaging film. I do not want to say FV is the best at all, but , what doctors I know there are reliable in HCMC.

Hope it can help you all.


The tests were done through SOS -- don't know what lab they use. The scan was at one of the major local hospitals (not FV). Don't know the name, SOS took me there. The SOS doctor suggested the bladder examination in S'pore and kindly provided a referral. Fortunately I have good medical insurance so wasn't out of pocket too much.

Hi Robvan,

SOS has small clinic. For some tests, they have to refer to other local facilities to do. But on the top, they have one Imaging doctor to interpret the film.
Back to your case, I think that FV and HCMC medical university hospital can treat well. For the local people, they can go BINH DAN hospital which specialize in Urology.

Cheer and wish you fine at all.


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