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Does anyone know of a direct flight for decent price from Florida to Puerto Plata? It can be from Ft Lauderdale, Miami or Orlando. I can't seem to find anything that's not really expensive (all over $600 per person) its only a little over 2 hours away I don't know why it's so much, going to Punta Cana I can usually get a flight for no more than $400. I want to check out Cabrera so I won't need all inclusive package, we will probably just rent a villa.  Thanks

I'm coming from italy to there for that amount...have you checked google will even check price changes and so forth if you want to track a particular flight date

Exactly way to much for a short flight! I know it would be cheaper to fly to Santa Domingo but then we have a longer drive to Cabrera (and have not drove in DR yet, even though it does look like a nice paved highway that really takes us straight over to Cabrera). I will look on Google flights, never tried them. Thanks!

Also check flight scanner. You can fly into Santiago and take a taxi for about $100 and 1.5 hour drive to the POP area. PM me and I can help you with a nice taxi driver from Canada if you want.

Try American Airlines from Miami to Santo Domingo.

Take Jet blue to SDQ...awesome flights and's sooooo easy to drive from there to Cabrera.  PM me if you wants some pointers, I posted a step by step guide on how NOT to get stuck driving into Santo Domingo from the airport.  It's really easy...and by husband can make it in under 2 hours...which is about how long it takes to Cabrera from POP...there are spirit flights there too...and Pawa Dominicana....we've done them all...GO CABRERA

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