What are the dos and don'ts of finding a job in Turkey?

Hello everyone,

Where is the best place to start when looking for a job in Turkey? Is it better to job-hunt by directly contacting the company of your interest, or should job-seekers rely on a recruitment agency, for example?

Are there any unique aspects that job-seekers should consider when preparing their CV/résumé and cover letter? Should a photo be included?

Do you have any tips on interview conduct in Turkey? Are there any particulars, such as greetings or behavioural customs?

In you opinion, is knowledge of the local language or a regional language necessary to successfully apply for a job? What level of the language should job-seekers have mastered?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


There is a high degree of old school recommendation influence within HR in most companies in Turkey.   I have gotten jobs without assistance - at companies when they are hiring several positions - but particularly for single positions  at the more sought after organisations, it is enormously beneficial to have strings pulled on your behalf.  Cultivation of connections can be important. I cultivated some powerful connections by chance and accident, and have found them amazingly and surprisingly advantageous.  Having said that, there are cutting edge Turkish companies in which this practice is recognized as sub optimal for the company, and many multinationals with strong corporate cultures that inhibit it, and at these places it happens much less.   Good luck with the job hunting expats :)

How can I find jop in alanya ?

Personally, I went to the company directly.  I have always been that way.  I have more control over the details and salary negotiations.

try to register on online job finding websites

Dear Pricilia,
To look for job in Turkey, Language  is important and if you dont speak Turkish and you speak other Languages like English Arabic,Rusian ,French,chinese and spanish is an advantage over getting a new job.
You must have  a good CV and with work experience very important,apart from all these your dressing when going for the interview is very important.
With all the above details you as a foreigner will get a good paid Job in Turkey

I tried these links but they appear to be for Turkish citizens only and are in Turkish

Hello everyone
It's nice to get familiar with different opinions on Job hunting. In fact, Turkish language is not too difficult and nice to learn. Although, it takes some times to be dominant.
As matter fact, I have a question for friends with living experience in Turkey.
Does experience matters in the Job interviews?

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