What fields hire foreigners in KSA ?

Hi everyone,

I am a french woman and i would really like to find a job and move to KSA.
I currently have a management/HR degree and i'm going to have a bachelor's degree in the HR speciality.
Is it a field that hire foreigners in Saudi Arabia ? Also i'm going to have 1 year experience in the payroll field, is this a field where i have chances to find a job ? What do you adivse ?
Thanks for reading :)

Try to multinational companies HR department may b possible

Hi dear  I think you can find many opportunities here in the KSA. You only need to send your cv and you will find god will.Try to
Find emails of schools especially the internatiinal ones then you will find. I wish u all the best.

Thanks a lot for your replies,

Do schools hire foreigners in the HR field !?

Anytime dear. Yes they do. The HR employee in the school where I used to work is Syrian though the school is Saudi.

Hope you find what you want.

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