Have you ever cooked with a tagine?

A tagine is the name for a spiced North African stew, and also the dish it's cooked and served in. It has a conical lid, which retains moisture, helps to infuse the spices through the food and also tenderises the meat.

I've followed tagine recipes cooked in a glazed terracotta casserole, and I've been very pleased with the results. I just wondered if the food is even better when cooked in a traditional tagine. They can be expensive, but I'd invest in one if I thought it was worth it.

Have you used a tagine? Is there a significant difference in the taste and texture of the finished food, or should I just carry on as I am?

Hi blackmint

Yes I have cooked with tagine, I made an authentic Morroccan lamb with Couscous  Tagine  it was delicious and authentic.
I had a Morrocan themed lunch for family and it went well.
I was inspired by my visit and made it to the T, authentic ingredients and the lamb was very tender and suffused with the flavours of onion chilli tomato cinnamon, even put a boiled egg in the centre for garnish.
The baby nephew enjoyed that !
It was served with Aubergine couscous and I would make it again with goat meat which is a challenge or Mutton.
I would say go for it if you love tagine,  Well worth it but you have to be careful with dish, use a heat diffuser.
It can crack the dish otherwise and they are not cheap.
I initially bought an authentic Berber unglazed tagine from the souk in Morroco and made Chicken tagine again it was tasty, but dish is a nightmare to dry and developed a bit of mould so I  discarded it, used it as a plant pot  in garden until the neighbours kids threw their ball over and it smashed. OH well.

Tip: Best to get a glazed one in UK

Happy tagining, let us know how you get on.

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